Lymm Schools


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Information on the local primary schools that feed Lymm High School.

The primary schools in Lymm are all really, really good - whenever the question "which is the best primary school in Lymm" is asked on the Love Lymm Locals or associated Facebook pages, there's a pile on of parents all very happy with their school choice.

All the schools welcome visits from new parents.

2021 is the first year in a long while that none of the primary schools in Lymm have been over-subscribed (e.g. when parents don't get their first choice of school) - this appears to be due to a very low birth rate affecting this school year. 

2022 admission statistics will be added when available.

For a feeling of each primary school, it's worth looking through recent newsletters (lots goes on particularly in the Christmas & Summer terms).

2021 - new Academies

Oughtrington, Ravenbank, Statham & Thelwall Infants school have all set up / joined their 'own' academy in 2021. These schools are the same buildings, with the same staff, though with more independence from Warrington Borough Council. Admissions continue to be managed through Warrington Borough Council.

The links below include the main associated pre-school / nursery where relevant, this is for information only - lots of children will go to the school from different pre-schools or nurseries.

Lymm High School

Most parents in Lymm are likely to want their children to go to Lymm High School, or at least have this option.

Since Lymm High School converted to an Academy, LHS sets its own admission criteria independently of Warrington Borough Council. Whilst Lymm High School can change admission criteria at any point, the school retains the feeder school and priority weighing to these from the point it became an academy - it's worth reviewing the LHS admissions policy and / or the  LHS 2022 / 2023 admission criteria, given Lymm High School is typically oversubscribed due to its popularity.

The following links provide further information on each school

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