Lymm PCSO contact

There's some uncertainty about how to contact Lymm PCSO (Police Community Support Officer, a role that is at least part funded by Lymm Parish Council).

The PCSO’s are great, but not able to work 24/7. To contact, it's best to dial 101 & ask for a message to be passed on / a call back, or report online via

If it's an emergency you should not be looking at this web page. Dial 999 now.

Lymm PCSO contact details

Lymm PCSO does hold regular 'surgeries', both at Lymm Community Centre (the top section, next to the canal), and 'virtually'. For the virtual sessions, apparently you can contact the PCSO via Facebook Messenger (Lymm Police) and Twitter (@lymmpol)

Lymm PCSO typically attend the monthly Lymm Parish Council meetings (normally scheduled on the second Tuesday of the month) - this can be a good time to grab them either immediatly before, or as part of a question to Lymm Parish Council (e.g. at 19:30hrs promp). The PCSO may not turn up at Parish Council meetings that have been rescheduled, or are extraordinary meetings, due to shift commitments.

If you are struggling to reach / contact the PCSO for whatever reason, then contact one of the Lymm Parish Council Councillors, who should be able to contact the PCSO directly