Friends of Lymm Skatepark Open Afternoon

Friends of Lymm Skatepark Open Afternoon
Event start date
3 hours (till 4pm)

The F.O.L.S. (Friends of Lymm Skatepark) Official Fundraise kick off party on Nov 27th at Lymm Youth & Community Centre (next to the Saddlers Arms) at Legh street, Lymm including:

  • Free Skate Lessons with multiple Skateboard GB coaches: **book in advance **(details via Facebook link, open to all)
  • Refreshments, Goodies and Social upstairs (open to all)
  • Live DJ
  • Skate Games
  • Art sessions
  • Merchandise

come and ask questions, see what's its about. Please consider signing the petition calling for an improved Skatepark in Lymm

Warrington Guardian article on the campaign, published in the 23rd December 2021 edition


Lymm Skatepark Committee are working on a feasibility study to upgrade the existing Skatepark based in Ridgeway Grundy Park into a modern facility for local young people to enjoy Scootering, Skateboarding and BMX bike riding.  

An upgraded facility would benefit many children and young people in the area; currently, they do not have much else to do regarding facilities dedicated to them. There are families in the area whose parents would enjoy the facility with their children too.  

The new Skatepark would aim to accommodate skill levels ranging from beginners to intermediate, giving a wide range of continual use for young people in the area for years to come.

The current Skatepark consists of two ramps, a high slid rail and a metal bench that are too dangerous for small children to use; experienced skaters have found that the ramps are not suitable to skate; it is like someone who does not skate or do action sports has designed the ramps.  

The problem with the current ramps is that one ramp is 45 degrees, and the other is a curved transition, so there is no ‘flow’ to tricks, so young people quickly get bored of the ramps; that’s why they are left dormant. 

In the middle of the current ramps is rough tarmac that is terrible for skating on and dangerous; the local children and young people have found the facility completely unusable, resulting in very little use.  We would like to maximise the skateparks potential.

The Skatepark Committee would consult a professional skate park contractor to design the upgraded facility’s ‘flow’ and then get them to build it with their years of expertise in this field.   

Skateboarding is now an Olympic sport; it is essential to encourage people to develop their skills and to become Olympic athletes potentially.  

Skateboarding, Scootering and BMX riding has many benefits - it gives people a focus, helps people with mental health issues and keeps them out of trouble.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would sign the petition and, by your support, help demonstrate to Lymm local Councillors how much the local community would warmly welcome an upgraded facility.


The current facilities in Ridgeway Grundy park:

Lymm Skatepark 1 (current)


Lymm Skatepark 2 (current)

note: FOLS Lymm; F.O.L.S. Lymm