Ukraine - Refugee Support Groups & Organisations


Lymm Groups

Local social and support groups within Lymm social are available - see details here:

There is more information (and a growing list of tips / comments) on the Lymm and District Ukraine Support Group (a Facebook group - you don't need a Facebook account to view this group & read updates)

WhatsApp groups are available for Ukrainians in Lymm, Hosts in Lymm and Ukrainian Supporters in Lymm. Please get in touch to be added to one of these groups


CareUK Charity logo CareUK

CareUK is a long standing local organisation with a specific purpose for supporting refugees who are committed to doing all that they can to support you and your guests as we have done with the Syrian and Afghan refugees previously.
You may have specific requests but for the time being we are able to offer a hygiene pack to each individual or family, toys and activity items for the children.  We also have a supply of nappies and baby products and new underwear. Clothes for all and possibly bicycles.  The latter items being dependant upon supply.
Should we be able to help you would you please email Sarah Jane Williams, our depot manager,  There are many volunteers ready and waiting to help.
We have 2 shops in the Cockhedge Shopping Park in Warrington but may be able to deliver if you are unable to collect.


Ukraine helping handsHosts for Ukraine Refugees (Special Needs & Disability)

A group for Ukrainian refugees with a family member who has a disability or special needs -to link with- Hosts who have experience and/or accommodation to help with special needs or disability.


Refugee and Host Community Support Group (Warrington North & Newton)

We are a support group for local community members who are hosting or community members who can offer support to others hosting Ukrainian refugees. Support can come in many ways and we welcome anyone that can help develop this new community.
Please use this page to ask for, and offer, help and advice. Chat, discuss, suggest etc
We hope to create a on line and in person community throughout our local area (Warrington North and Newton) to support each other and the families that will be joining our community. We hope that in time it will create a community of hosts, Ukrainian families and helpers. We will restrict this group to our local area residents so it becomes a place of trust and privacy


Greater Manchester & North West UK Welcomes Ukranians

Whether you're a host, a refugee, a volunteer or a supporter, this is the Manchester based, North West UK regional group that will keep you informed about news, events, and hyper local microgroups that may be relevant to you. Posts offering or looking for accomodation are not permitted. Instead you'll be signposted to appropriate help. Please join the group to find out more


Knutsford Homes for Ukraine

KNUTSFORD HOMES FOR UKRAINE are a group of professional individuals who wish to help families who have been made homeless in the Ukraine.

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