High Legh Playground


Pheasant Walk, High Legh

Further information

Enclosed playground with climbing frame, slide, toddler & full size swings, roundabout & more. Adjacent to grassed area.

Additional equipment added along with improvements to surfaces in July 2022. Equipment aimed at younger children (pre-school up to around mid way through primary school)

Equipment includes:

  • Full size swings
  • Toddler swings
  • Roundabout (repaired July 2022)
  • Climbing frame with small slide & tunnel
  • Noughts and crosses
  • small rocker / see-saw (removed in July 2022?)
  • Tunnel with dome and hill
  • Low climbing net
  • Mushroom table

2022.08 High Legh playground tree carving

2022.08 High Legh playground net

2022.08 High Legh playground tunnel

2022.08 High Legh playground wide view


1 year 5 months ago