2024 General Election

The General Election will be on 4th July 2024, with polling stations opening at 07:00 hrs and closing at 22:00hrs.

Voting pre-requisites & dates:

1. Register to vote. If you're not registered, you must do it by 18 June for the General Election: https://gov.uk/register-to-vote

2. Voting in person? You need valid photo ID. Check if yours is valid: https://electoralcommission.org.uk/voting-and-elections/voter-id/accepted-forms-photo-id

3. Apply for postal vote by 19 June. If you'll be away, or want a postal vote do it here: https://gov.uk/apply-postal-vote

4. Apply for (free) voter ID if you don't already have a suitable document (timescale unclear): https://www.gov.uk/apply-for-photo-id-voter-authority-certificate

5. You can nominate a proxy, external to vote on your behalf. You and your proxy must both be registered to vote.

The rules for voting by proxy have changed. If you applied for a proxy vote before 31 October 2023, this has expired and you need to apply again. The deadline to apply for a proxy vote for the general election is 17:00 on Wednesday 26 June.


2024 Electoral Boundary Changes

Until the General Election, Lymm remains in the Warrington South constituency, with Conservative MP Andy Carter (until Thursday 30/05/2024).

At the General Election, the Borough of Warrington wards of: Lymm North & Thelwall (polling districts SNA, SNB, SPA, SPB and SPC) and Lymm South will be part of the Tatton constituency, which has the incumbent Conservative MP Esther McVey since 2017 (when Esther McVey replaced George Osbourne).

Lymm & Thelwall wards will remain within Warrington Borough Council for Council Tax payments and provision of local services, but will be represented in Parliament by the Tatton MP.

This site has predictions for Tatton (this link takes into account the new boundaries -n.b.  please treat with caution, & likely this site will be updated e.g. show different results - as the election approaches): https://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/fcgi-bin/calcwork23.py?seat=Tatton

Apparently the Tatton constituency has never been held by Labour. 

Tatton Parliamentary Candidates

Some basic information on these candidates is shown at https://whocanivotefor.co.uk/elections/parl.tatton.2024-07-04/tatton/ 

  1. Nigel Robert Hennerley (Green Party)
  2. Ryan Jude (Labour) flyer here and here
  3. Esther McVey (Conservative) flyer here
  4. Oliver George Speakman (Reform UK) generic flyer here
  5. Jonathan Smith (Liberal Democrats) flyers here and here

    Candidates could only be added until 7th June 2024, this is now the final list.

Lymm Radio Cheshire's Mix56 (!) have interviewed all the Tatton candidates, listen again here: https://mix56.co.uk/general-election-2024

Previous election results for Tatton:


 2019 General Election results (Tatton):

Candidate Party 2019 result
Nigel Robert Hennerley Green Party 2,088
Esther McVey Conservative 28,277 (won)
Jonathan Paul Smith Liberal Democrat 7,712
James Martin Owain Weinberg Labour 10,890

Turnout was 71.21% with 179 rejected ballots


 2017 General Election results (Tatton):

Candidate Party 2019 result
Quentin Abel Independent 920
Nigel Robert Hennerley Green Party 1,024
Esther McVey Conservative 28,764 (won)
Sam Rushworth Labour 13,977
Gareth George Wilson Liberal Democrat 4,431

Turnout was 72.52% with 104 rejected ballots


 2015 General Election results (Tatton):

Candidate Party 2019 result
Stuart Alex Hutton UK Independence Party 4,871
George Osbourne Conservative 26,552 (won)
David Jonathan Pinto-Duschinsky Labour 8,311
Tina Louise Rothery Green Party 1,714
Gareth George Wilson Liberal Democrat 3,850

Turnout was 69.97% with 185 rejected ballots


 2010 General Election results (Tatton):

Candidate Party 2019 result
Sarah Catherine Flannery Independent 2,243
Michael George Gibson The True English (Poetry) Party 298
Richard Adam Jackson Labour 7,803
David William Lomax Liberal Democrat 10,200
George Osborne Conservative 24,687

Turnout was 69.01% with 86 rejected ballots


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